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Etappe 2: With the camper through the Kandertal, to Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald

Posted by Sebastian - 2021-04-03 16:47:00

This section of the route surprises with varied landscape impressions: Let yourself be enchanted by the natural charm of tranquil mountain villages and imposing rock faces. The starting point of this tour is Lenk.

Route: Lenk ➔ Kiental ➔ Frutigen➔ Lauterbrunnen ➔ Grindelwald

Kilometertotal Etappe | Tour de Berner Oberland Kilometers for the whole route: about 135km
Strassenverhältnisse | Tour de Berner Oberland Road condition: dual carriageway, short stretches single carriageway with alternative routes

The second tour leads us from Lenk back through the Simmental, where we keep to the right in Wimmis in the direction of Kandertal (signpost Frutigen / Kandersteg). After a few kilometers we reach the small village of Reichenbach i. K.. Here the road branches off to the left into the Kiental. The road becomes narrower and except for a post bus and a few cars there is hardly any traffic.

Arrived in the Kiental, one stands in the middle of a small, idyllic mountain village in the Bernese Oberland. Here, the clocks seem to tick a little slower - the perfect place to slow down. A small village store supplies the residents with essentials and is ideal for stocking up for a picnic.

If you continue along the road, you will reach a parking lot after about 5.5 kilometers (parking lot Tschingel). From here a very narrow and winding road leads to Griesalp. The road is only 2 meters wide and with a gradient of 28% it is the steepest post bus route in Europe. Here it is necessary to respect the timetable as well as the ban on driving at certain times, because crossing with the post bus is not possible. For this reason, it is recommended to park the car in the parking lot Tschingel and drive the distance of 2km by post bus - really an experience!

Tour de Berner Oberland | Postauto Griesalp | (c)

Griesalp is the starting point for hikes in the area or simply a nice place to have a meal in the restaurant. From Griesalp you have the possibility to walk back to the parking lot Tschingel on the white water trail. This leads in 30-45 minutes past exciting waterfalls, such as the legendary "witches' cauldron": for hundreds of years the water has eaten a kind of cauldron into the rock (or the devil pushed a witch down together with her cauldron - depending on what you believe in). Here the fascination of water & rock is expressed very well.

Tour de Berner Oberland | Hexenkessel | (c) Sebastian Kobel -

More information on the Kiental:
More information about the steepest post bus route:

The route now leads back through the Kiental to Reichenbach i.K.. In Reichenbach you follow the left direction Frutigen. Here you can choose between two campsites.

Camping Grassi | FrutigenCamping Grassi, Frutigen

Stars: 4 stars
Number of tourist places: 65
Electricity: Yes
Supply / Disposal: Yes
Suitable for tent: camper, caravan, motorhome and large motorhome
Address: Camping Grassi, Grassiweg, CH-3714 Frutigen

Camping Frutigresort | FrutigenCamping Frutigresort

Stars: 3 stars
Number of tourist places: 75
Electricity: Yes
Supply / Disposal: Yes
Suitable for tent: camper, caravan, motorhome and large motorhome
Address: Frutigresort, Sportweg 5, 3714 Frutigen

Tip for families: Camping Frutigresort offers a lot of fun for the little ones on a large and special playground, the Murmelitier playground (partly underground). New is a climbing tower.

In Frutigen, a visit to the Tropical House is worthwhile. The tropical house with its tropical garden and its own fish farm (sturgeon) and caviar production is an experience not only in bad weather. If you want to round it off, you can dine in the restaurant under banana trees and papaya trees after the exhibition.Tour de Berner Oberland | Tropenhaus Frutigen | (c) Sebastian Kobel -

Tip for families: A visit to the Tropical House can be ideally combined with a few hours of swimming fun at the Frutigen Sports Center.

Here you save with the Camping Card: Tropenhaus Frutigen, Sportzentrum Frutigen

More information on the Tropical House Frutigen:
More information about the sports center Frutigen:

In Frutigen, the valley now divides: on the right, the route continues in the direction of Adelboden. Adelboden is popular for extensive hiking tours. For those who want to stay in Adelboden, the campsite Bergblick offers suitable accommodation.

You can find information about the most beautiful hiking tours here:

Camping Bergblick | Adelboden | SchweizCamping Bergblick, Adelboden

Stars: 2 stars
Number of tourist places: 8
Electricity: Yes
Supply / Desorting: Yes
Suitable for: Tent, camper, caravan, motorhome
Address: Camping Bergblick, Landstrasse 94A, 3715 Adelboden

If you continue to follow the road in Frutigen, you will come to the famous Blausee lake after about 7 kilometers: this lake lives up to its name, as it is probably the bluest lake of all. No wonder that it is one of the most popular destinations in the region. A visit here is worthwhile early in the morning to be able to walk around the small lake as undisturbed as possible.

More information on Blausee:

We follow the road further and come to the end of the valley to Kandersteg. Kandersteg is the starting point for a visit to the famous Oeschinensee. Found a thousand times on Instagram, the Oeschienensee is also well visited when the weather is nice. Since the lake is located in the mountains and is somewhat larger, it is ideal for hiking. The fastest way to get to Lake Oeschinen is to take the cable car a little above (east) of the train station. Camping Rendezvous is located right next to the cable car station.

Tour de Berner Oberland | Oeschinensee | (c) Tourismus Adelboden - Lenk - Kandersteg | Boesch

Tip for families: Visit to the toboggan run at Lake Oeschienen

More information about Lake Oeschinen & the toboggan run:

Camping Rendez-vous | Kandersteg | SchweizCamping Rendez-Vous, Kandersteg

Stars: 3 stars
Number of tourist places: 40
Electricity: Yes
Supply / Disposal: Yes
Suitable for: Tent, camper, caravan, motorhome
Address: Camping Rendez-Vous, Hubleweg, 3718 Kandersteg

Corinne Ryter from Camping Rendez-Vous recommends: »My personal insider tip is a hike to the Arvenseeli on Sunnbüel. If you like even further, you can continue from here to the Gemmi Pass.»Arvenseeli Kandersteg |Fotograf: Robert Boesch | ©Tourismus Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg

From Kandersteg the route now leads back towards Spiez. Shortly before Spiez lies the village of Mühlenen. In Mühlenen, a steep cogwheel railroad takes you up to the Niesen. At 2362 meters above sea level, you can enjoy an excellent view over the mountain world from the Bernese Oberland and Lake Thun to Lake Brienz. In clear weather, the view stretches far over Bern to the Jura. For those who like it especially special, book a full moon ride with dinner on the Niesen. A unique experience.

Tour de Berner Oberland | Niesen | (c) Sebastian Kobel -

Here you save with the Camping Card: Niesenbahn

More informaion on the Niesenbahn:

After the visit of the Niesen we continue towards Spiez.

A suitable place to stay can be found at Camping Stuhlegg in Krattigen. The campsite offers a beautiful panoramic view over Lake Thun.

Camping Stuhlegg | KrattigenCamping Stuhlegg, Krattigen

Stars: 4 stars
Number of tourist places: 60
Electricity: Yes
Supply & Disposal: Yes
Suitable for: Tent, camper, caravan, motorhome
Address: Camping Stuhlegg, Stueleggstrasse 7, 3704 Krattigen

The route continues in the direction of Spiez and on the highway in the direction of Interlaken until exit 25 Wilderswil. At the exit, follow the signs to Lauterbrunnen on the right. Lauterbrunnen is located in the valley of the same name, in the heart of the Jungfrau region. The region offers a variety of excursions and leaves nothing to be desired. There are three great campsites here. The largest and best known is Camping Jungfrau: open all year round, the campsite is particularly popular with winter campers, who enjoy the ideal location between the two large ski areas of Kleine Scheidegg and Schilthorn. In the summer months, the campsite is an ideal starting point for various hiking tours.

More information on the Lauterbrunnen vally:

Tour de Berner Oberland | Camping Jungfrfau | Lauterbrunnen | (c) Jungfrau Region Tourismus

Camping Jungfrau im Winter | Lauterbrunnen - Schweiz | (c) Jungfrau Region TourismusCamping Jungfrau, Lauterbrunnen

Stars: 5 stars
Number of tourist places: 200
Electricity: Yes
Supply / Disposal: Yes
Suitable for: Tent, camper, caravan, motorhome, large motorhome
Address: Camping Jungfrau, Weid 406, 3822 Lauterbrunnen

If you want to get up close and personal with a high-alpine glacier world, you can board the Jungfrau Railway in Lauterbrunnen and travel a distance of just under 10 kilometers to an altitude of 3454 meters above sea level. Thus, the station on the Jungfraujoch is also the highest station in Europe. If the weather is nice, buy a ticket early enough and reserve a seat. The rush to the Jungfraujoch is often very high.

More information on the Jungfraujoch:

Tour de Berner Oberland | Junfraujoch | (c) Jungfraubahnen

If you continue along the Lauterbrunnen Valley, you will come to the valley station of the Schilthorn cable car after a few kilometers. The mountain became famous through the 1968 James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". The Schilthorn PIZ GLORIA is worth a visit at any time of the year. As a highlight, a revolving restaurant awaits you at the summit, offering an excellent view of the Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau mountains as well as over the Bernese Oberland. To get to the Schilthorn, you have to take a total of 4(!) cable cars from the Lauterbrunnen Valley to the summit. For those who like cable cars, the Schilthorn is a must!

By the way, you don't have to go all the way to the top for a great experience, because at the second-to-last station Birg, a 200-meter-long rock walkway "Thrill Walk" is built right up against the vertical rock walls. A great experience and pure adrenaline. Above the Thrill-Walk is the platform "Skyline-Walk". This viewing platform leads out over the vertical rock face and offers a new and unforgettable perspective.

Tour de Berner Oberland | Schilthorn | (c) Schilthornbahn AG

More information on the Schilthorn PIZ GLORIA:
Tip for families: Thrill-Walk, Skyline-Walk
Here you save with the Camping Card: Schilthorn
Note on parking facilities: Parking for motorhomes is available (fee required). Overnight stay is not allowed.

On the way from Lauterbrunnen to the Schilthorn valley station is the Breithorn campsite. This is in the immediate vicinity of the Trümmelbach Falls. The waterfalls overcome 140 meters of altitude inside the mountain and offer an impressive spectacle especially in spring and early summer during the snowmelt. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes!

Tour de Berner Oberland | Trümmelbachfälle | (c) Trümmelbachfälle

More information on the Trümmelbachfällen:
Tip for families: The two excursions Schilthorn & Trümmelbach can be combined wonderfully.
Here you save with the Camping Card: Trümmelbachfälle

Camping Breithorn | StechelbergCamping Breithorn, Stechelberg

Stars: 3 stars
Number of tourist places: 35
Electricity: Yes
Supply & Disposal: Yes
Suitable for: Tent, camper, caravan, motorhome, large motorhome
Address: Camping Breithorn, Sandbach, 3824 Stechelberg

Marlies from Camping Breithorn recommends: »We recommend our guests - especially if they want to avoid the hustle and bustle a little in high summer - an excursion to Isenfluh/Sulwald. For children, the Allmendhubel near Mürren is a hit in summer. With the big adventure playground "Flower Park" and a connected hike a great excursion for the whole family. For the daring, I recommend the via ferrata from Mürren to Gimmelwald, a tandem flight with Airtime Paragliding from Mürren and the Grütsch Bike Trail.«Here you save with the Camping Card: Isenfluhbahn
More information on the Isenfluhbahn:

At the very end of the Lauterbrunnen valley lies the small village of Stechelberg and the idyllic Rütti campsite. To the left and right of the campsite, the rock faces go up vertically. So the view from the campsite is absolutely impressive! Due to the location at the very back of the Lauterbrunnen valley, peace and quiet is guaranteed here.

Camping Ruetti StechelbergCamping Rütti, Stechelberg

Stars: 3 stars
Number of tourist places: 100
Electricity: Yes
Supply / Disposal: Yes
Suitable for: Tent, camper, caravan, motorhome, large motorhome
Address: Camping Rütti, 3824 Stechelberg

As Stechelberg lies at the end of the Lauterbrunnen valley, the route now leads back through Lauterbrunnen to Zweilütschinen. Here the road branches off to the right in the direction of Grindelwald. If you follow the road for about 11 kilometers, you will reach the well-known ski resort of Grindelwald. In summer, the region is popular with hikers for extensive tours in the surrounding mountains.

A highlight in Grindelwald is the breathtaking "Cliff Walk" next to the First mountain station (the mountain flank on the left side of the valley, coming from Interlaken). This "path" leads over footbridges directly along the cliff face and partly overhanging with a direct view into the valley. For the Cliff Walk you should be free from giddiness. 

Tour de Berner Oberland | First Cliff Walk | (c) Jungfraubahnen AG

More information on Grindelwald-First:

Note on parking facilities: Motorhomes are best parked in the Grindelwald-Grund parking lot (at the village entrance take the first exit at the traffic circle, follow the road until you cross the railroad tracks). For Fr. 10.00 per day, larger motor homes can also park here during the operating hours of the railroad (until 19.00 at the latest). It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the First railroad. Alternatively you can take the train or the bus to Grindelwald.
Tip for families: Turn a visit to the First into a day trip! Parts of the route can be hiked (access to the gondola is available at Bort and Schreckfeld) or on the way back down to the valley by mountain cart or scooter bike. On Bort there is also a wonderful alpine playground waiting for the little ones.

If you like it a bit more leisurely, but want to be just as amazed and not miss out on a unique experience, visit the Glacier Gorge in Grindelwald. On foot you can explore the impressive glacier gorge in 40-50 minutes, where the glacier stream finds its way through the rock. Unique in the glacier gorge is a 170m2 net which is stretched over the gorge at a height of 7 meters. This net can be walked on and gives the impression of floating directly above the river. Thrills guaranteed!

Tour de Berner Oberland | Gletscherschlucht Grindelwald | (c) Sebastian Kobel -

Note on parking facilities: A large parking lot also for larger motor homes is located directly in front of the entrance to the glacier gorge.

Here you save with the Camping Card: Gletscherschlucht Grindelwald

Now the journey goes back towards Zweilütschinen and Interlaken. Before Interlaken in the village of Wilderswil is a little hidden the campsite Oberei:

Camping Oberei | WilderswilCamping Oberei, Wilderswil

Stars: 3 stars
Number of tourist places: 50
Electricity: Yes
Supply / Disposal: Yes
Suitable for: Tent, camper, caravan, motorhome
Address: Camping Oberei, Obereigasse 9, 3812 Wilderswil

In the third stage we explore the Interlaken region between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.